Tingting (Rachel) Chung is Associate Professor of Business, and MIS/Data Analytics Coordinator at Chatham University. She holds a Ph.D. in Business Administration/Management Information Systems and a Ph.D. in Psychology, and a Masters of Science in Information Science, all from the University of Pittsburgh. Her research interests are behavioral security, financial fraud, and knowledge management. Her research has appeared in high-quality peer-reviewed journals such as Journal of Managerial Psychology, International Journal of Production Economics, Communications of the ACM, Journal of Information & Knowledge Management, International Journal of Information and Learning Technology, Omega, Journal of Excellence in Business Education, and a variety of top conferences, including ICIS, INFORMS, AMCIS, and the Institute for Fraud Prevention (IFP) meetings with several best paper nominations and awards. Chung serves as Associate Editor for the International Journal of Business Intelligence Research. She also served as associate editor for the Big Data, Business Analytics and Decision Support track of the 2016 European Conference for Information Systems (ECIS), and on the ad-hoc IBM Watson Analytics Academic Advisory Board. Chung teaches Information Systems and Analytics at Chatham University.

In 2012, Chung was interviewed by the BBC for her behavioral security research study. In 2016, Chung received an IBM Faculty Award in the category of Cognitive Computing. In 2018, Chung received a National Security Agency grant along with her colleague Dr. Stephanie Rosenthal. Chung has also received two research grants and support for three data access requests from the IFP.

Born and raised in Taiwan, a tropical island, Dr. Rachel Chung is a researcher and educator in the field of Information Systems. Rachel moved to Pittsburgh to pursue an academic career, after completing her B.S. in Psychology from National Taiwan University. In her spare time, Rachel enjoys cooking, reading, nature, and time with her family. Rachel speaks both Mandarin Chinese and English.

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