Dr. Tingting (Rachel) Chung is Clinical Associate Professor of Operations and Information Systems. She holds a Ph.D. in Business Administration/Management Information Systems, a Ph.D. in Psychology, and a Master of Science in Information Science, all from the University of Pittsburgh. 

Dr. Chung’s research has been published in Journal of Association for Information Systems, Communications of the ACM, Journal of Managerial PsychologyInternational Journal of Production EconomicsJournal of Information & Knowledge Management, AIS Transactions on HCI, and Omega. She has also given numerous presentations at international conferences, including ICIS, ICAIF, AoM, INFORMS, and SIGCSE. Dr. Chung’s research has been supported by ACFE Research Institute (ARI), Blockchain Lab of William & Mary, and National Security Agency

Dr. Chung has completed a visiting scholarship at Vietnam National University – International School, and has received IBM Faculty Award in the Cognitive Computing category,  Community Partner of the Year Award, Houston Methodist Hospital, on behalf of INFORMS , Faculty Excellence Award from the Master of Science in Business Analytics (MSBA) program, and MBA Class of 1997 Faculty Award for Innovative Use of Technology, at William & Mary. 


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