Student Feedback

Scholarship and Research
(Regarding eyewitness identification research) “I am honored to be attending Carlow University where Professors who are as involved with education and society as the two of you [Dr. Enrique Mu and Dr. Rachel Chung], help to make a difference! Congratulations!” – Jackie Henderson
MBA Advising
“Thank you for appreciating my work and being there for me. You are an awesome advisor and such a lovely person to talk and speak my heart out to. You are so supportive and inspirational. I am glad I know you :)” – Manika
” Dr. Chung was my advisor for the MBA program.  She was always the person that I turned to for any help.  This program was a challenge for me but she made me feel like she was there with me every step of the way.  This is something I really appreciated and feel lucky to have had her in my program.” — Dan Riley
MBA Information Systems
“Dr. Chung, I just wanted to thank you for a really great course this semester. I learned a lot of valuable tools that I can apply today in my career. Thank you for all your help with our project!” – Erica
“Rachel, I enjoyed your class.  Although it was intense at times, we learned many valuable skills because of it. Thanks for a great semester.” – Michaeleen
MBA Business Analytics (Research)
“Dr. Chung is my Research professor for the spring 2013 semester. Our project for this semester is to utilize effective research techniques while competing in the Google Online Marketing Challenge. Dr. Chung’s course has been exceptionally enlightening because, in addition to learning the research, we have been learning up to date online marketing skills that will be valuable as we commence into our management positions. Dr. Chung works very hard to ensure we are provided with the opportunity to learn the course material and to develop our skills as professionals. Dr. Chung is dedicated, challenging, and above all, she is encouraging.””I like having the class lectures in writing to review, along with the reading materials assigned, along with the learning videos. All of this really re-enforces what I am reading and learning. I feel repetition gives you that deeper sense of learning.”
See what students say about participating in the Google Online Marketing Challenge as part of the MBA Research course:
MBA Global Business
See what students say about taking the global business course with Professor Chung
MFF Forensic Research & Analysis
“Your comments, feedback, and guidance are always welcome, you are one of the most comprehensive and supportive Professors that I have ever worked with in all my university years of study!” – Con
“Your course by far was the most challenging class I have ever taken. While difficult it was also rewarding!”

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