Student Feedback

note from cindy
Machine Learning II
“I want to express my sincere gratitude for all the efforts you have done to us during this semester. From the day one, I have enjoyed every class of yours and used to look forward to going to school everyday. I really appreciate the way you teach us and that really makes these boring formula sound more interesting and easier to understand. I also thank you for encouraging me with your words and smile every time when we go through a hard & busy time. I thank you again for all the wonderful work you have done!”
“… the MSBA made me a much stronger candidate because of my comfort with coding, and everyone in the interviews was really interested in my experience with Optimization and Machine Learning. I came out of the MSBA extremely well prepared for my current Data Scientist job–in particular I use concepts I learned in Professor Chung’s ML course and Professor Bradley’s Heuristic Algorithms every day!”
“I can’t say enough great things about Professor Chung. She was extremely prepared for every class, and clearly communicated her passion for the subject. She also shows kindness and care for the students, adapting teaching methods based on feedback. I really liked that she did not shy away from covering the more mathematical/complicated concepts and explained them very clearly. I think the entire MSBA program should follow the direction of this course.”
“I really enjoyed class with Professor Chung this semester. I wasn’t a big fan of machine learning coming in, but after her class and teaching I feel a lot better about it. It is obvious that she cares about the well-being of her students and really wants to see them learn. Professor Chung was engaging, receptive to questions, and really went above and beyond to help us throughout the course whether it was study guides / code cheat sheets, review sessions, coding sessions, and overall just being readily available to answer any questions we have. It would have been really nice to have her for ML1 and ML2. “
“In-class sessions are very informative and the format is very engaging – starting with a poll and continuing with the structured PowerPoints keep me focused and interested on the material at hand!”
“Professor Chung does an incredible job teaching an extremely complex subject while always going the extra mile to help the students feel like they’ve mastered the material.”
“Professor Chung always goes out of her way to help and care for her students. It’s been a pleasure to learn from someone with such a BIG heart.”
“Her explanation about mathematical theories of ML methods was excellent!”
“Dr. Chung was one of the best professors I have ever had!”
“Professor Chung is awesome at teaching!!! Learned so much this semester!. Assignment workload is appropriate and kept us in check. Much better than just Mid term and final exam.”
“Dr. Chung cares very deeply about her students and it shows in everything she does.”
“Dr. Chung is a great professor! I think the program has gained so much by her joining [the MSBA program].”
“It is evident how caring, and how incredibly knowledgeable Dr. Chung is. She makes a great professor for machine learning and I think an excellent addition to the WM faculty. I had the pleasure of also seeing some of the background procedures she had, and I know she cares for her students and for how she teaches her courses.”
“Best best best teacher! I appreciate Professor Chung’s effort in preparing all the helpful materials for us, and never gives us a hard time, instead, Professor Chung saves everyone’s interest in machine learning as well as our grade. Thankful!”
“Whatever I learned in ML is solely because of you. You have a great way of teaching and especially connecting with students. I can’t thank you enough!”
“One of the best professors I’ve ever had in terms of how quickly and thoroughly she responds to student questions.”
“Such a nice and understanding professor that wants the best for her students. Really enjoyed learning from her all semester.”
Artificial Intelligence
“Dr. Chung is a very intelligent individual and was typically available to answer all questions”
“Dr. Chung is a GREAT professor. I am very glad to have had her in this course. I really appreciate her candidness and willingness
to provide sincere feedback.”
“Dr. Chung always responded to me in a timely manner when I needed anything.”
“I hope others who follow me after I leave this program get the opportunity to have Dr. Chung as a professor. She is wonderful!”
MBA Data Analysis
“I am a fan of the interactive data activities where we can visually see the concepts such as putting the post–it notes on the board or seeing the different variables being assessed with candy in the jar. The worksheets are also very helpful in explaining a lot of the material.”
“Polls, lectures, and chocolate jar examples were my favorite, because Professor Chung is talented at making a topic interesting and realistic, regardless of interest level in the subject.”
“I love the statistics apparel and the P < 0.05 necklace! There’s not only knowledge, but a clear passion.”
“Doctor Chung always has time to answer questions and Doctor Chung also encourages students to use office hours to ask questions.”
“The professor treats us like individuals, not like students. We can talk to her like we would any other person we meet.”
“For a fast–paced course, that in most undergrad programs is usually a full semester (15 weeks) the professor made an outstanding effort in putting the class together.”
“Without having access to the slides, I would not be successful in this course. The slides, and their thoroughness, is outstanding.”
“I would like to thank you for all the great moments we have spent together during session A. It has been super rewarding seeing how our data analysis skills kept getting better and better throughout these 7 weeks, and I can proudly say we all enjoyed the classes, the project, and the outcome we delivered today in class.”
“Thank you for all your patience with the class and turning a course content – that I am sure many dreaded – into a fun class. If most or many did good / great on the final test, that is definitely thanks to you! You have a great sense of humor too!”
“I want to thank you. I really enjoyed learning from you and even interacting with you in the office hours. I never thought statistics could be so much fun, but you really made it a wonderful experience for me.”
“I loved every moment of your class. I will miss this class for a long time now. You are an amazing person an amazing instructor and an amazing guide. Hope to take classes from you soon.”
“I wanted to reach out and let you know how amazing it was to learn from you this semester. I don’t come back from a math background, but all the content was digestible and interactive. This was my first time taking data analytics, and at the beginning, I struggled with simple calculations. Still, because of your teaching methodology, I have learned so much about analytics and real-world data. I wanted to say how grateful I am for the opportunity to learn data analytics. I got into Microsoft during the interview because I could show my analytical skills. So thank you! All the data analytics you taught us helped me do well in the interview.”
I wanted to thank you for a great Session A in Data Analysis! Though the material was definitely challenging, I really enjoyed using the Zillow data set to work through each new concept. It was a great way to understand the material by practicing with real data. Thank you for your help throughout the Session answering questions and clarifying concepts! I am now looking into the Business Analytics specialization, in part, because of how much I enjoyed your class.
“I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for everything you did to support me during my time at William & Mary! Coming into this program, I wasn’t sure what impact I was going to make or how I was going to make it but early email conversations with you, office hours, and your class put me more at ease for what was to come. I want to thank you for sharing parts of your story with me and giving me the time and space to hear mine.”
I received my undergraduate degree in economics and spent a lot of time dealing with these metrics, and never did I receive such a clear and succinct explanation of the relationships between the raw data and these descriptive statistics as you gave us in class on Friday.  Thank you!”
“We have our own website, very nice data sets, impressive Excel sheet showing all the behind the scene logic. Amazing content!”
“She is always prepared and makes class interesting by planning various practical activities. I admire her for connecting theory to
real–world scenarios and teaching in a way we can apply them.”
“The course was very well organized and designed to help students from all backgrounds. Professor started from the basics and slowly moved to advanced topics. Also, as a student who learned statistics before, I found the class very insightful and I learned a lot of new and interesting concepts. The most important takeaway for me was how I can apply statistics to real–world applications.”   
“Thanks for teaching us Data Analysis in a very simple manner in such a short time. I definitely feel more interested in the field now. I have a computer science engineering background and I strongly feel this course had shown me new applications to my skills. Looking forward to learning more from you.”
I really enjoyed your class and learned a lot. I can already see in Session B how the work we did in your class relates to so many parts of business! Again, thank you for the time and effort you put into the class. I always felt like you had the students’ best interest at the front of your mind! “
“I finally felt like I had enough of a foundation to really follow/understand the new material. I’m thankful to have a professor that listens carefully to student needs and works so hard to make sure they are met.”
“It was an entirely different way of approach statistics by using software versus hand calculations – very interesting!”
“This course provided much more insight into statistical models and how to use them to effectively analyze data sets. The real–world application that this course provided was very fascinating and I’m sure it will serve us well throughout the remainder of the MBA program and our careers.”
“I have worked with data before but not having statistics made it very difficult to understand the specifics so now knowing the values and formulas I feel more confident.”
“The class dataset was extremely useful. It allowed us to follow along during class lectures and provided great study material.”
“The class dataset was my favorite part. It was helpful to keep revisiting it each week. It was interesting to see how we built upon the concepts each week using the same dataset.”
“The class dataset a fun way to go about teaching a difficult subject”
Advanced Modeling Techniques
“I wanted to reach out, and extend a belated thanks for your Advanced Modeling Techniques class that I took with you this past semester. While it was primarily in the virtual format, and we did not get to interact much, I am extremely grateful for the tools you gave us in regards to VBA coding. Over the summer, I interned with a small survey research firm outside of DC, and at one point I was able to implement your VBA learning to the field by solving a report problem they had. I was able to automate an excel report that inputted fields with custom summary formulas they were looking for, and duplicate rows to illustrate payment periods from their customers”
“Dr. Chung is a great professor and I’m very grateful to have gotten the chance to learn from her.”
“Professor Chung was an incredible individual, who cared so much for her students. I was very lucky to learn from her.”
“In this class, there were labs/projects every week or two, which forced me to keep up and practice often.”
“Working on the term project individually forced me to debug all problems (and there were many), and it was one of the few times I was tasked with designing a spreadsheet and VBA code from scratch. This is far more useful (but significantly tougher) than writing code on a pre-designed spreadsheet.”
“so accommodating and willing to meet with students in office hours!! truly dedicated to the success of her students”
“So Far this was one of the best learning class I ever had. I had no knowledge on VBA and now I feel that I have enough tools to improve any project”
I am excited to present our project tomorrow. I turned in Individual Assignment 1 yesterday evening after spending the weekend finishing it. I was having a fair amount of trouble getting the API to pull correctly as well as some other smaller problems, but after meeting with one of my classmates I was able to figure it out. I am thrilled that I was able to get it to work. The power of automation in Excel is remarkable. On another note, I would like to thank you for a wonderful semester. I have learned more than I could ever imagine about coding (Excel VBA in particular) and I am excited to take what I have learned into the business world after college.”
As this is the approximate halfway point through the semester (and the day of the midterm) I thought I would share a couple thoughts I have throughout the semester (I promise they are all good.)
Going into the course, I initially did not know what to expect. While I was slightly familiar with the fundamentals of coding through the undergraduate business school “block” and my general interest in the subject, I am delighted at how much I have learned. The automation potential of VBA is, for me, by far its most compelling aspect.
I thought the midterm went pretty well, all things considered. I have a terrible habit of trying to be too cute about my code instead of getting the broad brush strokes and then fine tuning. I hate getting things wrong from the outset, but the process of coding is a process of continual failure (and only at the very end do you achieve success.) For an impatient individual like myself, delayed gratification can be challenging.
Thank you for your instruction throughout the first part of this semester. This has been a great learning experience, and the credit goes to you. I hope you have a nice spring break!”
Information Systems and Operations/Analytics
“Dr. Chung is by far one of the best professors I have met at Chatham. As an advisor, she is extremely helpful and primes students for success by sending us opportunities via e-mail on a weekly basis as well as talking with her advisees regularly. As a prof, I had her in BUS171 last spring and it was a joy. The material was very engaging for me.”
“Optimistic, kind, friendly, listen, respect, smart, and funny”
“The assignments were interesting and I really felt that this course will eventually be useful to my career.”
“She’s very knowledgeable and experienced with the subject matter in this course. She’s also very nice and willing to help students in any way she can.”
“The individual assignments were very helpful. They enhanced my understanding of the concepts introduced. “
“The course helped me to learn a lot about Excel and to learn the basics of coding languages”
“Really sincere, engaged, knowledgeable, optimistic, kind, friendly, listen, respect, smart, and funny”
“Was very fair with grading projects and was helpful and responsive when students asked questions. “
“Gave good examples and provided interest outside of class towards Information Systems. “
“Professor provided a wealth of material for the subject, demonstrations and opportunities. She is very compassionate for her class”
“The use of Khan Academy helped me to understand things that I didn’t understand in class. The assignments were difficult but effective”
“The assignments were interesting and I really felt that this course will eventually be useful to my career.”
“The quizzes done almost every time we had class were very helpful.”
“The course provides a good mix of a traditional business class and a technology class, examining the way businesses use modern technology and how to use the technology itself.”
“Very knowledgeable and very good assignments”
“She went over how to do everything in a way where we would understand it.”
“Deep explanation of the course by relating to the world and the daily activities”
“Dr. Chung used many technologies (such as Khan Academy and Tableau Public) to enhance students learning of specific topics such as web coding and data analysis.”
“Good luck at your next school we will miss you!”
Database Management Systems
“Dr. Chung is by far one of the best professors I’ve had during my two years at Chatham. She is extremely kind and professional and puts forth great effort in helping her students succeed inside and outside of the classroom.”
“Providing time to get office hour help with assignments, answered emails in a very timely manner, utilized moodle effectively and kept the class up to date on assignment due dates or changes to assignments”
MBA Information Systems 
“Rachel provided engaging material, projects, and lectures through the online course. There was a decent amount of articles to read that fed the weekly discussions. Also, lots of group work. She is very knowledgeable, helpful, and friendly.”
“Dr. Chung, I just wanted to thank you for a really great course this semester. I learned a lot of valuable tools that I can apply today in my career. Thank you for all your help with our project!” – Erica
“Rachel, I enjoyed your class.  Although it was intense at times, we learned many valuable skills because of it. Thanks for a great semester.” – Michaeleen
MBA Business Analytics (Research)
“Very rigorous, high standards, but supportive and compassionate”
“Dr. Chung is my Research professor for the spring 2013 semester. Our project for this semester is to utilize effective research techniques while competing in the Google Online Marketing Challenge. Dr. Chung’s course has been exceptionally enlightening because, in addition to learning the research, we have been learning up to date online marketing skills that will be valuable as we commence into our management positions. Dr. Chung works very hard to ensure we are provided with the opportunity to learn the course material and to develop our skills as professionals. Dr. Chung is dedicated, challenging, and above all, she is encouraging.””I like having the class lectures in writing to review, along with the reading materials assigned, along with the learning videos. All of this really re-enforces what I am reading and learning. I feel repetition gives you that deeper sense of learning.”
See what students say about participating in the Google Online Marketing Challenge as part of the MBA Research course:
MFF Forensic Research & Analysis
“Your comments, feedback, and guidance are always welcome, you are one of the most comprehensive and supportive Professors that I have ever worked with in all my university years of study!” – Con
“Your course by far was the most challenging class I have ever taken. While difficult it was also rewarding!”

Scholarship and Research   (Regarding eyewitness identification research) “I am honored to be attending Carlow University where Professors who are as involved with education and society as the two of you [Dr. Enrique Mu and Dr. Rachel Chung], help to make a difference! Congratulations!” – Jackie Henderson  

Advising   “Thank you for appreciating my work and being there for me. You are an awesome advisor and such a lovely person to talk and speak my heart out to. You are so supportive and inspirational. I am glad I know you :)” – Manika   ” 

Dr. Chung was my advisor for the MBA program.  She was always the person that I turned to for any help.  This program was a challenge for me but she made me feel like she was there with me every step of the way.  This is something I really appreciated and feel lucky to have had her in my program.” — Dan Riley

Dr. Rachel Chung serves as a pillar in my education to this day. From the start of her tenure, Dr. Chung pushed me to take analytical courses, to learn new systems and programs, and to network with the local business community. Her mentorship directly impacted the foundation I was able to build for my own career, and I am so grateful to her. Recently, I was able to sit down with her for lunch where she graciously shared a wealth of advice on how to approach my upcoming MBA work and internships. Her focus on continuous education showed through in our discussion and made me feel energized to continue growing with direction. I feel this quality makes a true mentor, and I feel so lucky to have Dr. Chung as mine.”
 —Sam Elbaz ‘15


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